Brady backs back-to-school repeal of Bill 28

For immediate release

November 7, 2022

SIMCOE – MPP Bobbi Ann Brady, after writing to Minister Lecce, speaking in the House, and twice voting against Bill 28, is glad kids will be back in class as both CUPE and the government return to negotiations with the forthcoming repeal of Bill 28.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), which represents 55,000 Ontario education workers who walked off the job Friday, stated that protests “will be collapsed starting” Tuesday in response to Premier Ford’s commitment to repeal legislation that imposed a contract and banned the strikes.

“I told the government in the House and by letter, that I was very concerned about students being back at home after so much time already spent missing out on healthy and effective in-class learning,” said Brady. “I was also concerned about the government and CUPE feeling the wrath of parents if a strike persisted; both of them looked bad on this one.”

Minister of Education Stephen Lecce confirmed that the government will completely repeal Bill 28. The law used the notwithstanding clause to thwart any constitutional challenge. It empowers legislatures to override parts of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms for a five-year term.

“I would like to praise the government for doing the right thing and for CUPE leaders withdrawing pickets as their end of the bargain,” said MPP Brady.

When the House reconvenes, Bill 28 will be repealed.


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