Brady breaks down budget in House

For immediate release:
April 11, 2024

QUEEN’S PARK –Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Bobbi Ann Brady yesterday stood in the House to debate and vote against Bill 180, Building a Better Ontario Act (Budget Measures), 2024. While there are components of the bill that will pass and will be beneficial to Ontarians, Brady could not, on principal, support a budget that triples the deficit to $9.8 billion dollars. 

“I felt (Bill 180) needed to demonstrate greater fiscal restraint with a focus on measures to getting key portfolios back on track.”

Brady pointed out the finance minister’s pledge that government is ready to build infrastructure such as roads and bridges while no work has actually started. One of the most glaring examples being the reconstruction of Caledonia’s Argyle Street Bridge as well as long-term care beds locally.

She also noted that there was little help for the backbone of many small towns – small businesses. And the budget contained nary a mention of rural Ontario or our farmers or agriculture sector. Many farmers were looking for a top up of $100 million to the Ontario Risk Management Program, which didn’t materialize.

Brady reminded the government that they last year promised to balance the books by 2025 and instead took a U-turn and will now triple it to $9.8 billion. That deficit has left her very concerned for Ontario’s future when an ostensibly conservative government is running up this level of debt.

“I think we are headed full speed sadly toward a debt wall and in the backseat sit our kids and maybe our grandkids too.”


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