Premier Ford explodes when urged to follow Scott Moe’s lead

For immediate release:
April 17, 2024

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Bobbi Ann Brady stood in the Ontario Legislature to fight for affordability for Ontario taxpayers. The premier took offense to Brady calling a referendum on a provincial carbon tax a publicity stunt and bellowed back that come next election, Brady would be out of a job. Brady accepted the challenge.

Brady pointed out that the majority of questions in the House for the past few months have been met with a response concerning the carbon tax. Brady agrees with the government that it is a punitive and regressive tax and in January, Brady launched a petition calling on Ontario to follow the lead of Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe. Moe, since January 1st, has refused to collect the carbon tax on home heating on behalf of the federal government. The Haldimand-Norfolk MPP then said that a carbon tax referendum is not providing relief to taxpayers today.

“A consultative process 5, 10, 20 years down the road doesn’t offer affordability and leave money in the pockets of Ontarians right now,” Brady said following Question Period.

The local MPP stated that if the carbon tax is front and centre at Queen’s Park, then obviously the government has the ability to take action. Brady accuses the government of using the carbon tax as a distraction to their ongoing scandals such as the greenbelt scandal, the health care crisis, the $9.8-billion deficit, and the increase in the Premier’s office staff, many of whom are enjoying an income greater than a combined income of families in her riding of Haldimand–Norfolk.

Haldimand-Norfolk’s Independent also questioned where the province’s carbon tax revenue on industrial emitters is going.

In his response to Brady, Premier Ford did not say Ontario cannot take action and talked about license stickers, tolls on the 412 and 418, and gas prices. Brady referred to this as “tinkering.”

“Members opposite might find it cute that they count how many times they say the word “carbon tax” during question period,” Brady continued. “What I don’t find cute is the families who come to me telling me they’re choosing between heating and eating. If this government will not provide meaningful relief for Ontario families and has no other plan against the carbon tax other than to consult, it’s time you stopped talking about it and focused on the issues you can control here in Ontario.”


For more information, contact MPP Bobbi Ann Brady at [email protected] or 519-428-0446