MPP Brady stands to honour fellow Delhi resident Rick Boon

For immediate release: Feb 23, 2023

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Bobbi Ann Brady yesterday stood in the Ontario Legislature to honour the brave and honourable service of Rick Boon. Until his recent retirement, Rick served nearly 32 years with the Legislative Security Service as a Constable, Sergeant, and Inspector/Operations Manager.

“Speaker, I rise this morning as a Delhi girl to honour a hometown boy who served and protected members and staff at Queen’s Park for nearly 32 years up until his recent retirement,” Brady said. “That hometown boy is none other than Rick Boon, here in the gallery today with his wife Gina and dad John.”  

Brady recalled to the House that Rick was a tireless worker who was passionate about the Assembly’s responsibility in supporting the function of Parliament.  And how he did his upmost to uphold the critical importance of this Assembly’s autonomy, independence, and neutrality.

She pointed out that Rick’s illustrious career saw him wear many hats. He is most proud of serving as a member of the armed response unit as well as operations manager within the Precinct Properties Branch and commander of the service’s Public Safety Unit. Brady further noted alongside his countless accomplishments within the Ontario Legislature, Rick was awarded the Diamond Jubilee Medal and Peace Officer Exemplary Service Medal. 

“When I arrived at Queen’s Park on the heels of the 2022 election, it was Rick who first knocked at my door to ensure I was settling in and to ask if there was anything I needed,” Brady said. “Rick sends gratitude to the members who improved security and building services, and he conveys special thanks to former Sergeant-at Arms Dennis Clark and Director Jelena Bajcetic for their support and inspiration. And he offers thanks to the MPPs he had the honour of serving.”

Brady concluded by stating she has known the Boon family since she was a child, a family that is loved and respected in that neck of the woods.

 “And I think we are truly blessed that the Boon family shared with us their son, husband, and father for so many years…Rick Boon an exemplary employee and a very true friend. Enjoy retirement Rick.”


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