Brady fourth time questions minister over Argyle St. Bridge

QUEEN’S PARK—Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Bobbi Ann Brady stood in the Ontario Legislature for the fourth time and asked Minister of Transportation Prabmeet Sarkaria what is still holding up reconstruction of the Argyle Street Bridge. Brady first asked former Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney in August 2022. 

“There’s nothing the people of Caledonia want more for Christmas than to hear the reconstruction of the Argyle Street Bridge will begin,” said Brady. “A few weeks ago, I sat in traffic in the middle of the bridge when the sound of sirens was heard. An ambulance was attempting to get across, cars had nowhere to go, the paramedic was clearly frazzled and people were panicked. This should not be happening on any bridge in this province, and yet it’s happening on a daily basis in Caledonia…What is the date the reconstruction of the Argyle Street Bridge will begin?”

In response, Minister Sarkaria could provide no start date for reconstruction, but he mentioned that safety is a priority for this government and touted the Ministry of Transportation’s budget of over $27 billion. He did state that the government has made unspecified “significant progress,” but he did say the government is in the process of obtaining final approvals to proceed with construction. 

“There we have it, no Christmas miracle in Caledonia this year,” Brady said. “I’d like to know what that progress is. The lack of answer leads me to question what is holding up reconstruction and why doesn’t the minister just tell us?”

Once again, Brady left with only non-committal answers and platitudes from the minister, Brady will continue pressing for a firm reconstruction start date for this long-standing public safety risk.


For more information, contact MPP Bobbi Ann Brady at [email protected] or 519-428-0446