Brady frustrated government rammed through home care bill

For immediate release: November 29, 2023

QUEEN’S PARK—MPP Bobbi Ann Brady is frustrated and disappointed the Ford government yesterday rammed through Bill 135, The Convenient Care at Home Act, 2023.  Particularly frustrating to Brady was the fact that possible amendments to improve Bill 135 were due less than 24 hours before the final vote on the bill.   And the amendments were all voted down in committee.

Brady introduced one amendment she thought was the most significant to strengthening the bill.  Her amendment was informed by those who attended the public hearings the previous week, health care professionals, and constituents.

 Brady’s amendment:

Ensuring that the wages of all employees working for client providers are comparable to the wages received by employees doing the same or comparable work within long-term care or hospital settings.

“Every single amendment presented at Social Policy Committee was voted down,” Brady said. “I accused the government of window dressing as it appeared they had no intention of strengthening the bill based on what they had heard.  I regret the time people took to present when this bill seemed to be a foregone conclusion. My heart also goes out to the 600,000 Ontarians who rely on homecare.  They will be the victims if this bill doesn’t get it right.”


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