Brady urges help for families and smarter Budget spending 


QUEEN’S PARK —Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Bobbi Ann Brady stood in the Ontario Legislature to discuss the Ontario Budget.  She conveyed her riding’s lukewarm feedback and urged smarter spending for the Ontario Budget.

“…I hear from my constituents, the past three years have been difficult for the people of Ontario including in my riding of Haldimand-Norfolk, and I hear it and I see it,” stated Brady. “My predecessor taught me that we have government for a reason. It’s government’s job to look after the people and make tough decisions, and in the budget, I see neither tough decisions being made nor little help for families.”

Brady explained that while the budget is a grand plan to build the economy, highways, infrastructure; to work for workers; keep costs down and better serve the public; she is not certain that measures contained therein will actually help families as they continue to grapple with inflation. There are aspects missing that would have helped families such as legislation to counteract price gouging.

“Insurance, for example, is something my constituents are continually calling me about, they simply can’t afford it,” said Brady.  “Folks who have never used a food bank are now relying on one to feed their family and for the first time in Haldimand-Norfolk, homelessness can be seen in most of our small towns.”

Brady reminded the House that she remains a fiscal conservative and noted this is the biggest budget in Ontario history.  She also explained that money isn’t always the issue; it’s where and how money is spent.  She called on the government to implement more targeted and sensible spending to address failures and weakness in our education, healthcare, long-term care and home care systems.

“I am the orphaned fiscal conservative…oversight is badly needed when we continue to spend more while critical services get worse,” said Brady. “The government can boast of delivering the biggest budget ever but if these monies continue to chase after bad money, it becomes a moot point.”

The people of Haldimand-Norfolk can rest assured that moving forward Brady will continue to push this government for sensible, strategic, smart spending.


For more information, contact MPP Bobbi Ann Brady at [email protected] or 519-428-0446

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