Brady celebrates locals retracing steps of Canadian liberators  


QUEEN’S PARK—Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Bobbi Ann Brady today stood in the Ontario Legislature to celebrate the Black Watch RHR Pipe and Drum Band who recently retraced the steps of the brave Canadians who liberated The Netherlands.  

“For two weeks Murray McKnight, Kevin McNeely, Chris Faulkner joined thirty-seven others leading a tour retracing the steps taken by Canadians in the liberation of The Netherlands,” Brady enthused. “The band, developed solely for this tour, was comprised of current and former Black Watch members, other serving members, police services, and civilians from across Canada.”

Brady explained that the tour was set to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the end Second World War, but was delayed due to the pandemic.  She also was proud to say that the trip was a dream come true for Port Dover resident Murray McKnight.  Brady recounted that the band played in ceremonies and parades in small towns and visited every cemetery where Black Watch soldiers were laid to rest.

“At Holten Cemetery, McKnight, McNeely and Faulkner were able to pay special tribute to William Stackhouse of St. Williams, George Deighton of Vanessa, William Graham of Port Dover, and Frank Tredly of Woodhouse, all soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice,” said Brady. “In Wageninen, the men were astounded as people lined the streets for 3.5 kilometres at 12 deep; people hung out their windows, a picture McKnight described as surreal.  It’s clear the Dutch people are still very appreciative and that they have not forgotten.”

Brady later commented how proud she is of these constituents and of the brave Canadians in the Black Watch who gave so much for the freedom we today enjoy.


For more information, contact MPP Bobbi Ann Brady at [email protected] or 519-428-0446

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